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More than fifty years after the launch of the first model, Moto Guzzi is proud to present a new and important evolution in the history of V7. The character and authenticity that are the hallmarks of Mandello’s Eagle remain intact, but they improve comfort and performance: a perfect mix of classic style and modern technology.

The 90' V transverse engine is the signature of Moto Guzzi and also this V7 is no exception, but debuts a new engine closely derived from what equips the "Tuttoterreno" V85 TT. It is the newest and most modern engine unit built in Mandello, which guarantees better performance and greater overall efficiency, to maximize driving pleasure, fun and reliability.

V7 remains the iconic bike with a strong identity that has made history, but compared to the previous version the new born of Mandello is more complete in equipment and shows a higher maturity, testified also by the aesthetic impact of the larger engine and characterized by the generous exhaust pipes with different layout; the rear view highlights the larger cardan joint transmission and the larger section wheel, in addition to the most robust pair of shock absorbers Kayaba.

The frame evolved with the addition of steel elements in the area of the steering tube, the new pair of shock absorbers from the greatest excursion, the new footrests and the new saddle double height, ensure more stability and comfort for rider and passenger.

V7 Stone - 8999.00€

V7 Special - 9399.00€

V7 Stone Corsa - 9999.00€

V7 Special Edition - 9999.00€

Completely renewed in the bicilindrico motor of 850 ccs from 65 cv and 73 nm, and in the evolved loom that elevate pleasure and emotion of guide. Style always at the highest levels, with new finishes, new platforms and new saddle.

It is no coincidence that for over a century the custom Moto Guzzi are among the most known models, loved and popular. Through generations they have preserved a unique design, in which the engine plays a fundamental role.

Over a century of testing, stubbornness and passion that today are embodied in V9 Roamer and V9 Bobber, masterpieces equipped with the legendary transverse twin-cylinder engine V of 90, ready to offer all drivers a superior driving pleasure and style at the highest levels.

V9 Roamer - 10299.00€

V9 Bobber - 10999.00€

V9 Bobber Special Edition - 11999.00€


She just came into the world, and she’s ready to explore it. The new Stelvio is born, the modern adventure tourer by Moto Guzzi that will take you everywhere with an unmistakable style and technological solutions designed to enrich your driving experience.
The Alpine pass from which it takes its name is the highest pass in Italy and is one of the places that best embody the myth of two wheels. With its 48 hairpin bends, the road that crosses it has entered the imagination of every biker as synonymous with fun, discovery, conquest.  

The innate style is accompanied by innovative technological equipment: ABS cornering and traction control, but also Full LED lighting with DRL and Cornering Lights, Cruise Control, 5" full color display and five riding modes customizable. 
Stelvio is also equipped with PFF Rider Assistance Solution, offered as a factory option, the innovative driving assistance platform based on Imaging Radar 4D technology.

Robust, compact, muscular: the heritage of Moto Guzzi can be seen in every detail. From the iconic V-Twin "Compact Block" engine to the original single-arm swingarm, passing through the unmistakable DRL eagle, each element is designed to give the new Stelvio a distinctive soul. 

The new Stelvio is made to enjoy the journey, without limits to your horizons, thanks to a 21-litre tank with a range of over 400 km. The windshield is electrically adjustable in height, for a tailor-made wind protection, and the 19" spoke front wheel for tubeless tyres are synonymous with versatility. 

Stelvio € 16499.00

Stelvio PFF Rider Assistance € 17299.00 

There is no other way to define V85 TT and V85 TT Travel. Thanks to a 5 euro engine performing and fun, with more torque at low and medium revs. An experience guided by five riding modes, designed to give new emotions to even the most experienced riders. Tubeless circles and new graphics to enjoy every curve of every trip. Admit it, you can’t wait to get on the saddle.

Essential, practical and with all the style that made Moto Guzzi great. The V85 TT is ready to accompany you from daily commuting to adventurous travel, without losing either comfort or performance. An increasingly rare value for an increasingly homologated market, an ambitious dream that the V85 TT realizes by combining an iconic design with the equipment of a modern travel enduro. For this reason it has earned the title of the first and only classic enduro on the market.

V85 TT Travel receives all technical updates of V85 TT. It stands out for the complete set-up that makes it ready for travel with the Touring windshield, the side cases of the Urban series with high capacity and reduced lateral encumbrance, the central stand and the set of adjustable heatable knobs, in addition to the multimedia platform Moto Guzzi MIA.

The color range of Moto Guzzi V85 TT is now enriched by Green Altaj, one of the most iconic colors for the House of L'Aquila. The colours Nero Etna, Grigio Grigna, Giallo Mojave and the peculiar Blu Uyuni complement in beauty a range with a strong, bold and bold character.

V85 TT € 12199.00

V85 TT Evocative € 12499.00

V85 TT Travel € 13999.00

V85 TT Guardia D’Onore € 13999.00


The perfect union between the grit roadster and the comfort of a tourer.
A bike that makes every curve fun offering, in addition, all the comforts for long trips to the rider and the passenger. Also available in S version with enriched equipment.

V100 Mandello is ready to give the maximum from low speeds. Its 115 horsepower and 105 Nm of torque at 6,750 rpm is complemented by the quickshifter system up/down (standard on the S, accessory on the basic version) that allows you to change gears without using the clutch and enjoy even more dynamic driving.

The compact chassis of the Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello ensures a sporty feeling on the winding roads, as well as maximum levels of stability and handling during longer trips. It is a solution that adapts to different scenarios and driving styles, always offering strength, precision and fun.

Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 Semiative suspensions, as standard in the S version, offer immediate control and feedback. Whether it’s a long-distance trip or a quick sports drive, the suspension adjusts automatically, according to Riding Modes, offering the best performance on all routes and in every scenario.

Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello is the first motorcycle in the world to be equipped with an adaptive aerodynamic system. Over 200 hours in the wind tunnel to perfect a technology that adjusts the position of the deflectors according to the speed of the bike, reducing the air pressure on the rider. The windshield is also electronically adjustable, further enhancing the driver’s comfort.

The side bags with integrated coupling system optimize the size and weight of the bike, without compromising stability or driving control. Cruise Control is an additional feature that makes travel even more comfortable and a wide range of accessories, such as the heated saddle, allows you to enjoy long guides even in the most adverse climates.

The saddle-handlebar-platform triangle is the result of an accurate ergonomic and aerodynamic study. The sitting position is comfortable, not tiring the rider’s knees and the aluminum handlebar with variable section allows you to release pressure from the wrists. In addition, each passenger can count on a wide, well-padded seat with ergonomic handles.

V100 S € 17999.00

V100 € 15499.00

V100 Aviazione € 16999.00

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