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Agility S 125 - 2.790,00€

Agility S is the new high wheel Kymco, where S indicates sportiness. The style is completely new, thanks to Italian design, and retains what is now the distinctive touch of Agility. There are always all the pluses that have made the Agility so famous and user friendly: well-kept fittings, high comfort and low running costs, but especially flat platform, Low saddle height from the ground and greater agility thanks to the mix between 16 inch wheel at the front and 14 inch wheel behind; an intuition born with the Agility Plus version and now adopted by most high-wheeled scooters.  

Agility 125 Carry - 2.290,00€

The legendary Agility Carry in the new Euro 5 version. The scooter of delivery professionals that for ten years has been a buzz among professionals: it is an icon, the must have among those who for their profession must move with agility and practicality, slipping away in traffic from one side of town to the other. Whether the rider transports a pizza, letters or large packages, Carry is never wrong. For this reason, there are those who call it "the Swiss Army Knife of scooters": because whatever the load need, Carry satisfies it, does not disappoint and offers unrivalled solutions in the current panorama of two wheels. Three loading areas to be exploited: two sturdy luggage racks, one front and one rear in steel tubes, a convenient bag on the flat platform; and for the "small items" there is also a practical compartment under the saddle. Driver excluded, the maximum approved load capacity is 40 kilos. Compared to the previous version it has a new Euro 5 electronic injection engine, which limits CO2 emissions to 55g/Km. Then, the double disc brake, front and rear and combined braking.     

AK550 ETS - 10.990,00€ - 9.990,00€

The KYMCO maxi scooter is renewed and further enhances the features that have awarded it among the best sellers of the maxi scooter category. Designed to satisfy every type of user, from the most sporty to the "touristy" and for those who are attentive to fashion and technology, the AK 550 is a new point of view on the world of high-performance maxi scooters. AK550 E5 is equipped with a refined fluid dynamics configuration of the combustion chamber that combined with a calibration of the fuel management allow to deliver a power to the crankshaft of 51 HP. Equipped with double mapping to adapt the delivery, the 550 cc horizontal twin cylinder is able to develop 37.5 kW (51 HP) and push AK 550 up to 160 kilometers per hour. The dynamic and aesthetic characteristics that had made the AK 550 a reference remain confirmed. Also standard is the Noodoe Navigation system, which allows you to connect to your smartphone and have turn by turn navigation on the display. AK550 E5 is available from dealers in matt black allione, dossena grey and matte scaly sand.   

AK550 Premium - 11.990,00€

The top of the Kymco range is AK550, the sportsman who has consecrated the Taiwanese house among the best players in the world representing the state of the art thanks to a high level of planning. The new Premium version, that from 2023 joins the AK550 ETS is designed for those who want to travel

Downtown 350 TCS - 5.790,00€ - 5190,00€

Traction Control arrives on this new Downtown 350i and makes it even safer. Downtown 350i TCS is in fact a sport-touring that combines comfort and handling under an increasingly dynamic look. The front lines are taut and aggressive, while the reassuring fluidity of the rear ensures that Downtown is a means designed for wide-range use, able to fully meet the needs of the passenger and cargo. The G5sc engine is an addition to the already excellent G5 unit, compared to which it develops a significant increase in power. There are also the distinctive headlights with LED tube lights, the double storage compartment and a huge saddle that after housing two full-face helmets still offers useful space.   

DTX 360 300 - 5.390,00€ - 4.890,00€

Backed by experience in the maxi scooter sector, KYMCO reinvents one of its best sellers, not only in performance, but also in substance; the new DTX disguises itself as "Adventure Crossover"without abandoning its well-established features of the Downtown range and becomes able to offer even the most curious biker the opportunity to seek adventure in everyday life, without abandoning the comfort and safety of a commuter. Harmonious proportions, sporty layout at the right point and high front fender are just some of the features that allow the DTX360 to show its dual sports soul. The handlebar becomes wider to allow better control even on uneven pavement and the driver’s sitting position rises to improve visibility on the road. The instrumentation is digital and specially designed to provide maximum readability in all conditions, The Keyless system allows easy access to the vehicle, while the TCS traction control system provides maximum safety in any situation. The headlights with LED tube lights and chrome/glossy black details, the headlight lenses in transparent non-pigmented, the glossy black muffler protection inserts blend harmoniously with the distinctive graphics placed on the rear mudguards in matt anthracite colour well integrated with the bodywork: in addition to the combination of matt/anthracite odol black colour, sporty and bold, It is also available the new black odol matte/ orange, the perfect mix of grit and energy, able to be recognized everywhere.  

People One 125 - 2.790,00€ - 2490,00€

Perfect for the city, it takes you where and when you want. Small, comfortable, practical and now even safer with the disc brake even at the rear. Windscreen, trunk and LED daytime running lights included in the price. And then wide flat platform, fuel cap in the back shield, long saddle memory foam and new compartment saddle, now more capacious. Below is the new docile and refined single cylinder 4 stroke Euro 5 with the new electronic injection technology DIS (Drop Iniection System) with routes up to 48 km with a liter (given Kymco in test conditions).   

People S 125 - 3.290,00€ - 2990,00€

Modern from every point of view. Starting with the new G5 Eco Euro 5 engine: increasingly environmentally friendly, it guarantees even lower consumption. Fast, agile and light between traffic lights and in urban traffic, People S is able to give the best of itself and to meet all the needs of contemporary mobility, in the name of comfort, safety and without sacrificing pleasure for the eyes. Because design also does its part, with a rigorous and elegant style, and at the same time soft and sinuous. The particular shapes of the high efficiency Full Led lights make it unmistakable even with the sunset. Jewel of technology at a very affordable cost: value for money has always been one of the main strengths of every Kymco product and the new People S is no exception.   

SUPER 8 50 R - 2.590,00€

A racing soul without compromise. It shows a sharp and scratchy design, conceived to surprise and entertain. Whizzing heir to the legendary Super 9. The plastics develop on dry and edgy lines, the handlebars is uncovered and the graphics aggressive. It is the latest restyling, which accompanies the Euro 5 version, and is now available in the new acid green racing color. The technical choices are always of motorcycle derivation, such as the full LED headlight, 14" rims, the 33 mm hydraulic telescopic fork, the 240 mm flower disk and the swinging mono-arm with double adjustable shock absorber preload.

Xciting S 400 TCS - 7.290,00€ - 6.790,00€

Fifth generation for the model born in KYMCO in 2003. The new XCITING S 400 is pure contemporary design. Its dynamic profile integrates with the hi-tech design of the front and tail. It is the perfect mix of sporty style and anticipation of the future, comfort and performance. The height of the windshield is adjustable in 5 levels, manually and without the use of tools, so XCITING S easily adapts to the height of each driver and the most different driving conditions. The new "V-shaped" handlebar improves driving accuracy and optimises dashboard visibility. Ergonomics has been designed to offer maximum comfort to the rider and passenger. The aesthetic signature of XCITING S is a bright signature. The new DRL - Daytime Running Light system of the front headlights guarantees vehicle visibility never before reached, so much more safety, proudly emphasizes the identity of XCITING S and increases the aggressiveness and dynamism of its design. It is the first standard headlight of this type to obtain ECE approval. The LED rear light expresses an unmistakable character and avant-garde design. With the highest power in its class, the XCITING S delivers smooth, smooth output. It is very quiet, even at high speeds. Ensures safe, intuitive and fun driving. It is a "traffic light burner" in the city, thanks to the reactivity of acceleration. It is "breathtaking shooting" and "electrifying speed" in suburban routes. With a simple upgrade of the Noodoe App, on XCITING S debuts Noodoe Navigation that represents the state of the art of navigation systems and is the first to be specifically designed for those who are driving a scooter. Easy and intuitive, Noodoe improves safety and helps the rider in every situation, without ever distracting him from driving allowing the smartphone to talk with the dashboard display.   

Xciting VS 400 - 7.390,00€ - 6.990,00€

X-Town 300 - 4.890,00€ - 4.490,00€

A refined commuter equipped with high comfort for the maximum satisfaction of the driver and passenger even on long distances. Motorcycle section tires and rear shock absorbers adjustable on 5 positions, both adopted to offer great grip and to filter the bumps of the road surface. X-Town 300i ABS features a Bosch anti-lock system that significantly reduces the risk of falling and stopping distance. Rich standard equipment, headlights with LED lights and new instrumentation equipped with external temperature meter. Distinctive the uniqueness of the "X" rear light. Courtesy light and exceptional capacity for the underseat compartment that can hold a full face helmet and a jet helmet. It implements the load capacity the convenient storage compartment that on the go is always appreciated. In the glove compartment there is also a convenient USB socket, very useful for charging the phone.   

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