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Iskia 125  - 2390.00€

A perfect mix of elegance and performance thanks to the unmistakable vintage style and a brilliant 125 cc 4-stroke engine (Euro 5). Easy to drive and agile in traffic, Keeway Iskia 125 is the perfect scooter to move around the city without going unnoticed.

The particular aesthetic of the vertical shape makes the rear light of the Keeway ISKIA 125 a distinctive element of the scooter design.

Keeway ISKIA 125 is equipped with a large two-seater saddle made with materials and seams of the highest quality to ensure maximum comfort to the rider and passenger during each trip.

The braking system consists of two disc brakes (220 mm diameter at the front and rear) and is equipped with a CBS system for a safe and efficient combined braking.

Keeway ISKIA 125 is equipped with a large compartment saddle in which you can store the helmet and other objects.

Positioned in the centre of the handlebar, the instrument panel of the Keeway Iskia 125 provides all the necessary information while driving with ease of reading.

Sixties 300i  - 3990.00€

Retrace the paths of great changes riding the brand new Keeway Sixties 300i. A scooter with a refined design inspired by the 60s that evokes the decade of flared pants and the most legendary rock music. With the brilliant 278.2 cc Euro 5 engine, the Sixties 300i will accompany you on a timeless journey!

The double saddle with separate seats is enhanced by the elegant seams and offers the rider and passenger the ideal comfort during each trip.

The Keeway Sixties 300i is equipped, on both wheels, with disc brakes with Nissin calipers and Bosch ABS system for perfect braking in any situation.

The innovative instrument cluster includes the colorful speedometer and a digital display that provides all the information at a glance.

With a design that highlights the vintage style, the taillights ensure optimum visibility to stand out and be noticed in traffic.

Easily store your helmet and other belongings in the large storage compartment of the Sixties 300i.

Versilia 50 - 1890.00€

The brand new Versilia 50 shows that excellence can be presented in compact packs. With its 50 cc engine with retro charm and vintage design, it is ideal for crossing the city with a style that combines the past and the present. Compared to the higher displacement models, the Versilia 50 excels in short trips and agile maneuvers in the urban jungle.

The Versilia has headlights positioned both in the upper and lower part, ensuring excellent night visibility for a safe journey and a style that does not go unnoticed.

The exclusive vertical rear light of the Versilia is the distinctive touch that completes with mastery the compact profile and the elegantly shaped silhouette of the scooter. A symphony of details that blends harmoniously with the style, ensuring not only recognizability but also a high dose of refinement to your urban journey.

Easily place your helmet and other essential accessories for driving in the handy storage room located under the seat, ensuring your freedom of travel without sacrificing style.

The main headlight, placed in a high position, offers superior visibility and a wide field of view, ensuring a safe and illuminating driving.

Our spacious double seat, with high-quality stitching and comfortable fabric, invites you to share the journey with style and comfort a stone’s throw away.

The generous front brake disc of 185 mm, large diameter, ensures a safe and responsive braking, giving your trip a note of reliability and control in every situation.


X-LIGHT 125 - 2790.00€

The K-Light 125, a perfect synthesis of city cruiser sports and a companion to suburban adventures, is the ideal choice for young bikers eager for an exciting and fun riding experience. Handy and versatile, it offers maximum fun in the saddle, both in urban streets and during exciting trips out of town.

The digital display adds a modern touch to the vintage look of the bike. Thanks to the USB socket you can charge your devices.

The large diameter of the brake discs (276 mm at the front and 220 mm at the rear) ensure a powerful and responsive braking.

Turn the spotlight on your journey with the two-group headlight for optimal visibility in every driving situation.

The exhaust terminal in matte black color fits perfectly into the design of the bike.

The compact single cylinder 125 cc 4 stroke (Euro 5) offers amazing performance and is able to reach a top speed of 99 km/h.

The raised side mirrors favour an upright driving position ensuring ideal comfort throughout the journey.


RKF 125 - 2690.00€

The RKF 125, our hero model and Keeway’s bestseller, is a milestone in the small motorcycle fleet, ideal for city use and highway adventures. Among the most popular naked on the market, the RKF 125 boasts an attractive design and offers standard brakes equipped with CBS system, ensuring safety and style in every path.

The three overlapping headlights of the RKF 125 not only improve visibility but also complement the front of the naked bike with a distinctive style. Designed to deliver powerful, clear lighting, these headlights add not only safety but also a touch of personality to the bike’s bold design, ensuring every road is stylishly illuminated.

The sleek design of the rear lights, combined with the 'slim line' direction indicators, offers ample visibility for those who follow, enhancing safety on every road.

With our digital screen, control is in your hands. Clear and immediate details, offering a technologically advanced and fashionable driving experience.

The RKF 125 provides superior control with the Combined Braking System (CBS) on 260 mm disc brakes at the front and 220 mm at the rear. This advanced technology synchronizes braking on both wheels, improving effectiveness and ensuring a safer and more balanced stop in any situation. Combined reliability and performance for safer driving on the road.

The RKF 125 allows you to keep fully charged devices such as GPS or phone thanks to the integrated USB port centrally located in the cockpit. Convenience is now at your fingertips during every trip.


K-LIGHT 125 - 2290.00€

The ultimate synthesis between a sport cruiser and a cafe racer. Perfect for moving easily on urban roads and ready to have fun for a trip out of town, The K-Light 125 is the ideal choice for young riders who aspire to a first thrilling riding experience with maximum fun riding a handy and versatile bike.

With an essential design embellished with elegant details such as the chrome cap and the vintage style logo, the tank enhances the aesthetics of the K-LIGHT 125.

Inspired by the great classics of the two wheels that have written the story, the round headlight of the K-LIGHT 125 turns the spotlight on the road you will travel towards your next destination.

The single cylinder (Euro 5) four-stroke 125cc four-valve, air cooled, is the beating heart of the K-LIGHT 125 can offer excellent performance on the road.

With 5 levels of preload adjustment, the double shock absorber perfectly absorbs the bumps of the road surface to travel comfortably with maximum driving pleasure.

The slightly sloping cafe racer exhaust, embellished with silver-coloured details, gives the K-LIGHT 125 a modern and dynamic look.

The braking system has a 280 mm diameter disc at the front and a 240mm disc at the rear, both with CBS system, for a powerful and effective combined braking.

Superlight 125 Limited Edition - 2290.00€

 An unmissable limited edition that enhances a classic of the Keeway range with aesthetic details and exclusive components. Inspired by the elegance and charm of legendary custom, the Superlight 125 Limited Edition is ready to conquer the city in style and travel to thrills in complete freedom thanks to its brilliant performance and comfortable driving position.

The elegant chrome finishes in vintage style stand out on the bold impact given by the matte colors, enhancing the iconic look inspired by the most iconic cruisers.

The large tank and raised handlebar allow you to ride comfortably in a relaxed position for an immediate feeling. Just sit on the saddle of the Superlight 125 Limited Edition and feel like an expert biker right from the start.

With a disc diameter of 276 mm at the front and 240 mm at the rear, the disc brakes of the Superlight 125 Limited Edition ensure safe and effective braking.

The lightweight and compact 125cc (Euro 5) single cylinder is perfect for novice riders who aspire to a fun and versatile riding experience while relying on brilliant performance.

The long old-style terminals contribute to the bike’s strong look thanks to the dark color, completing the vintage design with a modern and dynamic touch.

The double shock absorber of the Superlight 125 Limited Edition effectively absorbs the imperfections of the road surface to travel smoothly in any situation.

RK V125C - 3790.00€

Some things never lose their charm, such as sunset roads, grilled meat or the feel of a twin-cylinder V-engine. However, some classics get better with time, and the all-new Keeway RK V125C is revolutionizing the traditional twin-cylinder V-cruiser for the modern era.

A vigorous looking exhaust terminal highlights the gritty nature of the RK V125C.

The modern instrumentation device ensures the driver a clear and fast reading of the information with ease of use.

The circular shape, which pays homage to the bikes that have made history, characterizes the large front headlight ready to illuminate every road you choose to take.

The seams of the highest quality and the fine materials that make up the saddle guarantee the rider and passenger excellent comfort even on long-term trips.

The powerful and innovative 125cc (Euro 5) V-Twin-Cylinder with liquid-cooled electronic injection is designed to deliver amazing driving emotions while enhancing every journey with an incredible sound.

Travel boundless on the RK V125C thanks to the large 19-litre tank.

V-CRUISE - 4490.00€

With the power of the 125 cc twin-cylinder V-engine giving vitality to the bold and elegant lines of its irresistible style, the Keeway V-CRUISE is the ideal choice for young riders who want to venture into the custom universe. A cruiser with vintage charm and innovative design, enriched by cutting-edge technological solutions, ready to make every trip an unforgettable experience.

The modern instrument panel with circular digital display offers an attractive aesthetic impact and an effective display of information with ease of use.

The retro style headlight integrates perfectly into the aesthetics of the bike by illuminating the rear design, to be noticed and stand out in traffic.

With a diameter of 300 mm at the front and 240 mm at the rear, the brake discs of the Keeway V-CRUISE ensure a responsive and effective braking ensuring maximum safety in any situation.

The seams of the highest quality and the fine materials that make up the saddle guarantee the rider and passenger excellent comfort even on long-term trips.

The 125 cc V twin-cylinder engine with 6 liquid-cooled valves (Euro 5) offers impressive performance for an unparalleled quality/price ratio.

The dual high-performance rear shock absorber absorbs imperfections and roughness of the road surface for ideal travel comfort.

V302 C - 4990.00€

The V302 C is particularly appreciated in the range of Keeway V-twin motorcycles, so much so that it is considered a real rockstar. This unique model sports a bold design, powerful components and a roaring twin-cylinder V engine that sets it apart from the rest of the custom cruisers.

The brilliant 298 cc (Euro 5) V-twin cylinder that equips the V302 C offers exciting performance and high reliability.

Aesthetics and functionality: the digital instrumentation provides all the data in a complete and compact display with ease of use.

The rear optical unit is designed to be always visible in traffic and highlights the aesthetics of the rear of the bike.

The V302 C is equipped with dual-channel ABS system on the front and rear disc brake to ensure maximum safety during braking.

The high-quality seams and the high-quality materials that make up the saddle guarantee the V302 C driver and passenger excellent comfort even during longer journeys.

The V302 C is equipped with a dual high-performance rear shock to travel with the ideal comfort in any driving situation.

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